Group exhibition ‘Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories. Ukrainian Art 1912–2023’
Tzschirnerplatz 2, 01067 Dresden, Germany
06/5/2023 — 10/9/2023

The exhibition is conceived similar to a journey and consists of four main themes that overlap: "Practices of Resistance", "Culture of Memory", "Spaces of Freedom" and "Thoughts on the Future". In them, the current situation combines with historical processes and reveals individual experiences and personal stories. Each position represents a specific microcosm interwoven with the history of the country, its art and heritage. As a result, the complexity and diversity of today's Ukrainian art scene unfolds. The exhibition tells many stories about the country's fluctuating state. It deals with self-knowledge in Ukrainian history, which unfolds less out of pride than under external duress.

The work presented by Pavlo Makov is diptych "Looking Glass" and "Through the Looking Glass".